Embroidery: My latest obsession.

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen the latest embroidery trends, then you should really head on over to Pinterest or Instagram and conduct a quick search.
You’re going to want to give it a try, I promise, and I need to tell you about these complete kits that I’ve recently discovered on Etsy so that you can get started ASAP.

In September I ordered the Autumn Leaves kit from this shop and it came with everything needed to complete the project including:
-embroidery hoop
-pattern preprinted on linen
-embroidery floss in every color that the pattern requires
-stitch guide

The kit was shipped from Israel and took less than two weeks to arrive. It was also beautifully packaged, which immediately convinced me that these complete kits would make awesome gifts.
There are plenty of sellers in the US if you need it to arrive sooner. I just fell in love with this particular pattern and thought that it would be a fun seasonal project.

There were a few stitches that I couldn’t make sense of by using the diagrams within the stitch guide, but I found tons of awesome tutorials on YouTube that break the stitch down step by step. I was able to make sense of the most complicated ones within minutes, so don’t be intimidated.

I began this project the first part of October and put the last stitch in just this morning.

I made quite a few mistakes but those just add character, right? It still looks good enough to hang on the wall.

We were busy and have had a lot going on so I was unable to work on it consistently, but that’s one of the things I enjoyed the most about this project; it’s easy to put down and pick back up when you find the time. It’s also portable.

I found embroidery to be relaxing and a wonderful stress reliever. It’s nice to be focused on something but still be able to participate in the conversations and activity going on around you. Too often, I find myself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook which isn’t the most productive use of time. I would much rather make something beautiful when I’ve got nothing else to do. Seeing the image evolve after each stitch is such a fun process.

I ordered this beginner-friendly kit from another seller on Etsy for my daughter’s tenth birthday and she is excited to begin.

I will probably be gifting embroidery kits to all of the girls and women on my list, and you should, too. There’s a lot to be said for vintage sewing techniques. They certainly teach dexterity and patience.
Now, I’m off to shop for a Christmas or winter themed kit for myself!